Dan's Blog

 I started doing Pilates a little over a month ago. There was a flyer in my mailbox offering one week of unlimited classes so I decided to give it a try. I figured that it wouldn’t be all that hard since I have been active in various sports for most of my life. However, I have been kind of lazy recently and have been drinking a little too much so I figured some sort of regimented exercise was in order. Well this pilates exercise, much to my dismay, has turned out to be quite difficult! How can it be that I can’t do these exercises as well as I should after all the years of varied strenuous physical activities?! Am I really that weak? Is that tiny little woman next to me actually lifting her legs higher than I? Yes, I had to face the reality and admit that I am that weak and that all of these little Japanese women are actually stronger and more flexible. Alright, I can accept it and I will develop my strength and flexibility so that I am not so pitiful.

Actually, the hardest part of this Pilates is being the only male in almost every class. My ego can deal with being beaten by these women as I have just started this exercise, but it is sometimes uncomfortable not having any other members of my gender around. Oh but I know what you are thinking...”Dan you enjoy being surrounded by a harem of women” and that is one reason that you keep going. I have to admit, I do like athletic women but the image of my 183cm 90kg mass in the middle of women half my size is sometimes too ridiculous. What a sight I must be rolling around on the floor trying to keep up with them. I just wish that there were some other men near me to offset that image. But wait, the men that do come are similar in size to the women. Aaaaah, I can’t win.... I’ll just keep on trying.